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Pharaoh has a long history working with designers and we welcome any new designers to our game room family. If you are a designer, then we know you will love working with us. We offer many benefits and resources to the design community and we are always adding to our list of services to help you focus on your client. a few benefits of working with Pharaoh Manufactoring:

Total Customization

No matter what color, size, material or product you need, you can be confident in saying “YES” to your customers’ most obscure requests. Pharaoh can make all the products to match and to your specifications. Design your client’s game room with matching furniture from the cue rack to the craps table. No other manufacturer offers a complete and total custom game room, period.

Fast Turnaround

We are positive that you’ve probably experienced slow turnaround times with other manufacturers before. You can rest easy knowing you won’t have to give your client a blank shoulder shrug when asked about ETAs. We have multiple, high-performance stations optimized in an assembly line fashion ready to take on your order immediately. We will meet any reasonable deadline your project may have.

Quality & Service

As you can see from our online gallery, Pharaoh products are not your typical game room furniture. We present a unique, sleek and modern approach to game rooms that is yet to be seen elsewhere. Pharaoh products are made with care, precision, and the utmost quality. Every piece of furniture that leaves our California facility is created and caressed with loving hands and inspected with scrutinous eyes. With innovation and beauty, we strive to become the cutting edge manufacturer of game room furniture.

Discounted Pricing

It goes without saying that all certified designers and resellers receive special pricing. The designer and reseller community can take advantage of these prices once they provide proof and register as such with our customer service department.

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